141 Mansion Lane, Butler, PA 16002

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Enjoy a classically beautiful setting for your big event - inside and out

Capture every picture-perfect moment when you hold your event at The Mansion.

Enjoy your own lush estate for the day!

Make your way up a gorgeous tree-lined path toward the flawless circular entry. Then explore what could be your very own classic manor house and gardens for your event. Don’t forget to take in the incredible outdoor gardens for your ceremony, cocktails or party.

The Mansion has a number of rooms at your disposal:

Front Entrance

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Our entrance is perfect for gathering your group together or taking lovely outdoor photos. Step back in time and imagine entering this lovely venue for your private event. Imagine being the proprietor of this magnificent Mansion as you invite your guests for a wonderful celebration.

Grand Foyer

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This spacious room welcomes your guests. It has been used for the cake display and for dancing in addition to the lovely pictures that have been taken. Brides love taking pictures in this room with their bridesmaid or by themselves. The large windows let in plenty of natural light and the stairs are a great place to pose!

Living Room

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Seating in this room can accommodate up to 66 people with plenty of room to move. The sunken living room is the main party room. Most brides choose this room for the bridal table.

The study has been used to display the cake, have dessert, collect your gifts, or can be arranged for seating of up to 22 guests. The study can be used for a girl’s night with drinks and sweets, a company meeting or a book club meeting.

Dining Room

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The dining room is a great place to kick off your event. Our dining room can be set up for one large table for one small party or it can be used for a buffet room for your sumptuous dinner. It can also be set with multiple tables for a maximum of 32 guests.

Breakfast Room

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This lovely sunny room is a great place to kick off your cocktail hour. This beautiful space can be used for cake, cookies, candy and coffee or for your dinner buffet. It can be arranged for seating of 24 guests.

Feel like royalty in the ballroom, which is the prime location for a party. Have you ever wanted to attend a ball or masquerade? Why not host your own? The ballroom is a great space for birthday parties or themed parties. Seating for up to 62 guests.

For when you and your friends need a room with character, the library is one of the quietest rooms of the Mansion – but definitely not boring. This room is integral to your Murder Mystery party. Seating for up to 28 guests.

Music Room

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What’s a party without a little music? Listen to the music and dance while you celebrate your special day! This room has also been used for buffet tables or can easily accommodate up to 32 guests.

East End Bar

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One of two bar rooms at your disposal, you can choose to use one or both bars. Some people have chosen to use one bar for cocktail hour and the other for dinner. Some people choose to have alcoholic beverages at one and non-alcoholic beverages at the other.

West End Bar

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Create cocktails specifically for your party or just do wine and beer. Our bars are yours to stock with whatever mood you are in. In need of a bartender? We can help you out with that as well.

The patio is the perfect space for your outdoor needs. This space can be used for an outdoor party or reception. Some of our guests have chosen to rent a tent and use the patio for dining and dancing.

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The History of The Mansion

The Mansion has a rich history that dates back to the 1920s. The original owner of The Mansion was T.W. Phillips Jr., who was a strong Christian man who was born in 1874 to T.W. Phillips and Pamphelia Hardman.

T.W. Phillips Jr. moved his family – wife Alma and six children – from the city of Butler to this magnificent home on approximately 200 acres after it was completed in 1927. When they moved here there were only a few oak trees, so there was an uninterrupted view in four directions. Because of his love of trees, he created one of the most beautiful, natural arboretums, having every species of tree and shrub that grew in western Pennsylvania at that time planted on the property.

The home was built with all cement floors, because T. W. Phillips Jr. supposedly had a fear of fires and even had a water tower built on the property – not only to provide water but also as extra security in case of fire. T. W. Phillips Jr. was very protective of his family and had a locked gate at the top of the stairs near their bedrooms. It was rumored that after the Lindbergh Kidnapping in 1932, he kept a table in front of the gate with a bottle of whiskey and two $100 bills. He hoped that if someone came to kidnap one of the children, they would see that first, take it and be on their way.

His wife, Alma, had an exceptional talent for creating a warm, comforting atmosphere. The ballroom was added on after T.W. Phillips, Jr. decided to run for congress. There were many special guests invited to extravagant social functions, including President William Taft.

The Mansion and part of the property (105 acres) was sold to Ernie Pandelos in 1974, who opened Ernie’s Esquire, an upscale restaurant. The property went back up for sale in 1988, when Ray Lassinger, owner of Associated Ceramics, purchased it. As a young man, Ray had worked as a gardener for T.W. Phillips Jr. at The Mansion.

Concordia Lutheran Ministries purchased The Mansion in October 2017, bringing the phenomenal property full circle: The Mansion, originally owned by a strong Christian man, was now owned by a strong Christian organization.